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The year of 2009 is marked a hundreds’ anniversary of the publication of celebrated Futurist Manifesto by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in Pariser Le Figaro magazine. Its reception – along with the one of his very persona – happened to be contradictional in both perception of those times and caused discussions on Marinetti's belonging to left-wingers or right-wingers up to nowadays.

Whereas his ideas have initially been considered a certain call for liberation and freedom, the same energy (alternated from even inside?) led to a sort of totalitarian philosophy with concept of War proclaimed of finest expression of human's naturality and violence crowning on the top of civil values.

In Russia, Marinetti particular publicity was due to his - as well as his ideas - acceptance by such figures as David Burljuk, Vladimir Majakovski and other Russian cubofuturists and has initially received a hundred percent leftist understanding. However, as Marinetti transformed to a fascist ideologist who then supported the Mussolini regime his visions met certain seizure which followed his name being deleted from literary studies in Soviet Russia.

Enduring Futurism is a project that brings together a number of contemporary Russian artists and intellectuals - allowing for Bernd Brincken of Germany and Giovanni de Dona of Italy - whose opuses are pointed at themes of war, (power of) rhythm, pattern, (cult of) future and prognostication.

Enduring Futurism highlights the fact of concrete relations historically grown between two movements and that have got a certain historical impact on the understanding of the above-mentioned issues in the modern era. Thus, this exhibition accompanied with a series of presentations and publications is meant to be a kind of living descent to the Italian soil and the other link to historical events and huge Russian reception, the biggest ever in the world of this Italian-born philosophy.

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