Futurist Manifest II

Talking about Futurism we can not escape the question if there is a future for this philosophy, like a new movement or trend or concept, not only within - often elitarian - art circles but in the whole society.
A revisited Futurism will surely refer some of the original ideas, but, in the light of historic phenomenon like the ones reported in Bernd's lecture, it will likely also want to set itself apart from erroneous aspects of the original concept. And thirdly, we might want to add new points that were not in Marinetti's mind 100 years ago but that seem important for the (second) future.

Manifest II

This proposal was formulated among Ilja Kitup and Bernd Brincken and presented at the opening on 12. december 2009 in Reggio Emilia.

We count on these social conditions and forces to manifest in the future:

  1. Creativity of the human being and its quest for Freedom and Development.
  2. Global Cooperation on Earth – for an associated, anti-fascist global society.
  3. Mutual Identification through Culture - and it's differentiation.
  4. Technology as a means of global Cooperation and Culture.
  5. Physical Movement as a Social Application of Technology.
  6. Quest for enduring Energy sources and Technology.
  7. Quest to overcome Gravity – as an application of Technology.
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