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 +===== ICRA - The International Club of Responsible Artists =====
 +{{ :​mkox_icra_logotype_b2.png?​200|}}
 +==== NCCA presentation in Moscow ====
 +On April 2, 2013 the //​International Club of Responsible Artists// was presented at the russian '//​National center for Contemporary Art//' (NCCA), a state-driven public institution in Moscow.
 +{{ :​ncca_img_2631_b2.jpg?​240|NCCA Moscow}}
 +The event was organized by [[:​artists:​Petr Bystrov]], based on a conversation with [[:​artists:​Bernd Brincken|Bernd von den Brincken]] during the [[http://​interiordasein.de/​de/​ausstellungen/​qv5q-kosmos-art-convent|Kosmos as Presence]] exhibition in Berlin: \\ Petr and Bernd found that the international attention for the [[wp>​Pussy Riot]] story is not matched by its real importance, and is not some '​avantgarde fluxus'​ as it was discussed in parts of the art world. On the other hand, as art is the field of freedom, the question occured about an orientation for art in the context of a complex society. This brought up the idea to announce the //​International Club of Responsible Artists//​. ​
 +The event at NCCA was set up as a first meeting and open the discussion among artists and others involved. \\ The presentation featured five artists, the two mentioned and:
 +  *  [[:​artists:​Elena Kovylina]], painter, perfomance artist, curator and teacher in Moscow
 +  * Anna Semenova, performance artist from Moscow
 +  * Giacomo Porfiri, italian musician and video artist living in Berlin, and member of [[http://​www.alterazionivideo.com/​|Alterazione Video]]
 +The program comprised a performance of Anna, speeches of Elena as well as Petr, a lecture and videos by Giacomo, a picture lecture by Bernd, and finally a discussion with the audience, moderated by Irina Gorlova from NCCA.
 +=== Further Reading ===
 +  * [[http://​www.ncca.ru/​events.text?​filial=2&​id=1782|NCCA announcement]] (ru)
 +  * [[http://​gentlemanner.com/​soon/​%D0%BC%D0%BA%D0%BE%D1%85-icra/​|ICRA at gentlemanner.com]] (ru) - Petr Bystrovs Weblog
 +  * [[Giacomo and Bernd review]]
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