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 +==== Futurist Manifest II ====
 +Talking about Futurism we can not escape the question if there is a future for this philosophy, like a new movement or trend or concept, not only within - often elitarian - art circles but in the whole society. \\ 
 +A revisited Futurism will surely refer some of the original ideas, but, in the light of historic phenomenon like the ones [[artists/​bernd_brincken/​start#​mountain_of_darkness|reported in Bernd'​s lecture]], it will likely also want to set itself apart from erroneous aspects of the original concept. And thirdly, we might want to add new points that were not in Marinetti'​s mind 100 years ago but that seem important for the (second) future. ​
 +=== Manifest II ===
 +This proposal was formulated among [[artists:​Ilja Kitup]] and [[artists:​Bernd Brincken]] and presented at the opening on 12. december 2009 in Reggio Emilia.
 +We count on these social conditions and forces to manifest in the future:
 +  - Creativity of the human being and its quest for Freedom and Development.
 +  - Global Cooperation on Earth – for an associated, anti-fascist global society. ​
 +  - Mutual Identification through Culture - and it's differentiation.
 +  - Technology as a means of global Cooperation and Culture.
 +  - Physical Movement as a Social Application of Technology.
 +  - Quest for enduring Energy sources and Technology. ​
 +  - Quest to overcome Gravity – as an application of Technology.
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