1980, Moscow


studied philosophy at the Russian State University for Humanities Moscow, from which graduated in 2002. Since then he also works as an individual artist, performer, spokesman; curates other artist’s projects, as well as teaches. 1999 to 2005 was member of Radek Community, a group of artists, authors and cultural activists. In 2005-2006 worked as editor of Stone Milk magazine and visiting professor at the New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA) in Milan. He also co-founded Cheremushki apartment gallery in Moscow, in which was involved as an artist, producer and curator. He is also a "Media-art project of the year" selection of the Kandinsky-prize nominee (2007), and "Young artist" of the Innovation prize nominee (2007).

As artist, performer and spokesman was included in the following projects (selection): Territory festival, Fabrika art center, Moscow, 2008; Istanbul biennial X, Istanbul, 2007; On Geekdom, Benaki Museum, Athens, 2007; People's Choice, Art Isola Center, Milan, 2006; Radek Invasion, Associazione Prometeo, Lucca, 2005; Tomy ty ver, Dudas for contemporary art, Bratislava, 2004; ArtKljazma festival, 2003; Manifesta 4, Frankfurt / Main, 2002

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LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT l-l-rsketch.jpg

is the title of Petr Bystrov music piece conceived and written for boxing heavybag as if it were supposed to be lead drum. The thing is that music party for snare is normally accompanied with symbols for left and right hands to play with. The snare drum is also played accented (louder) on beats that signed >.

This is somehow parallel to how combinations of punches are being commanded (from a trainer) when attacking: left-left-right; left-right-left-right, left-left-left, etc. - with the concluding punch being made most powerful of all: accented and, thus, ending the attack. Like this, in LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT Petr Bystrov applies drum technics as well as his rhythm skills to a heavybag in order to 'play' it.

Exactly left-left-right (or, in boxing term, double jab followed by right hand lead) is known one basic combination the way young fighters are being taught to come forward and hit the opponent.

The first edition of LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT has been recorded in a boxing gym in Reggio Emilia in July 2009. giovanni_de_dona was the one to program sets on drum machine to provide electronic bass drum to which Petr Bystrov responds with his 'hand made' series while wearing boxing gloves and equiped accordingly. A dialogue between man and machine - or electronic device and physical power - was established. This performance regards some fundamental thoughts of Marinetti directed to certain sort of a competition to be held between the man to having endlessly upgraded his physical skills and devices taking their permanent turn to the better as civilization goes further.

In its second edition recorded in Moscow (LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT: THE LIVE DUO), a drummer plays snare live from a score while being in a here-and-now dialogue with the boxer working out and punching the heavybag impromptu.

Rhythm, strength, tempo and physical ability of a human are being examined in L-L-R whilst listeners facing somewhat musical drama - produced from out an experimental drums - that starts from nascent to then reach certain saturation.

left-hook.jpg Petr Bystrov performing a left hook to a pad trained by Samson. Solntsevo, spring 2009

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