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 +{{ :​artists:​bernd_brincken:​bb2_2322.jpg?​320|}}
 +{{ :​artists:​bernd_brincken:​bb1_2328.jpg?​320|}}
 +//- Draft for the Forma Festival in Moscow, July 15, 2017 -//
 +Baby Bear learns to fly is a sculpture, installation and performance by german artist Bernd von den Brincken for the 2017 Forma festival in Moscow. ​
 +What is the future of the human endeavour on this planet? Shall we go further, or hide in the warm cave? Have we extended the biblical phrase to '​subdue the earth' already? These questions are put in the context of a [[wp>​Eurasia|eurasian]] question, and further Russia'​s part therein. It is connected to the [[http://​enduringfuturism.org|Enduring Futurism]] exhibition in 2009 and a connected [[http://​enduringfuturism.org/​artists/​bernd_brincken|series of works]] thereafter. ​
 +A wooden sculpture is being built on the site, which symbolizes the flying machine, based on technical experience of the artist with real ones.  The form of [[wp>​Tricopter]] is chosen for aesthecial, technical and political reasons, which are explained in a series of sketches and texts. ​
 +The main challenge is bringing the shy animal to overcome his instincts and enter, and fly, the strange machine.
 +He is assisted by sensors and current fly-by-wire techniques. Realistic technical as well as biological and questions of ethology are considered. \\ 
 +Video interviews will research the principal relation of Baby bear to Mother bear by dialogues with young human mothers. ​
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