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- Draft for the Forma Festival in Moscow, July 15, 2017 -

Baby Bear learns to fly is a sculpture, installation and performance by german artist Bernd von den Brincken for the 2017 Forma festival in Moscow.

What is the future of the human endeavour on this planet? Shall we go further, or hide in the warm cave? Have we extended the biblical phrase to 'subdue the earth' already? These questions are put in the context of a eurasian question, and further Russia's part therein. It is connected to the Enduring Futurism exhibition in 2009 and a connected series of works thereafter.

A wooden sculpture is being built on the site, which symbolizes the flying machine, based on technical experience of the artist with real ones. The form of Tricopter is chosen for aesthecial, technical and political reasons, which are explained in a series of sketches and texts.

The main challenge is bringing the shy animal to overcome his instincts and enter, and fly, the strange machine. He is assisted by sensors and current fly-by-wire techniques. Realistic technical as well as biological and questions of ethology are considered.
Video interviews will research the principal relation of Baby bear to Mother bear by dialogues with young human mothers.

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