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 +**Archi GALENTZ**
 +born in Moscow, 1971
 +Studied at State University of Arts and Theater in Yerevan, Armenia; University of Arts (UdK Berlin), classes of Prof. Hirsig and Prof. Fußmann, Berlin following him graduated of UdK (1996).
 +In 1997, he made a masterclass diploma degree at Prof. Fußmann.
 +Since 2000 works as freelance artist in Berlin, Moscow and Yerevan
 +He has lectured at State Academy of Arts and Open University, Yerevan, Armenia (2006) and Sommerakademie,​ University of Arts UdK, Berlin (2007). Co-founded an InteriorDAsein.net enterprise in Berlin in 2008. 
 +Among his solo show there are: "Pose As A Position"​ (The Club, Yerevan, 2007); „USTA, has you got some ASTAR?",​ Prima Center, Berlin (2006); „This Days in 16 Years",​ Prima Center, Berlin (2005) ​
 +2004 „Absolute Borders",​ with J. Balov at the „Berliner Liste" art fair, Berlin and much more.
 +Of most recent, he has participated to „Voulu / Oblige: outskirts of a small contradiction",​ at Forte Marghera within 53th Venice Biennial, Venice (2009), „ThisPLACEd:​ virtual, real, in between"​ at City Gallery in Tallinn (2008), „Strictly Berlin 2008", GdK, Berlin (2008); „Face To Face Armenia",​ ACCEA, Yerevan; „INTERNATIONAL",​ NCCA, Moscow (2005).
 +His works are in the public collections of the Museum of National Art of Sardarabad, Armenia; Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia; Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia, and others
 +His grants include DAAD, Germany and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal. ​    
 +Also he curated following projects: „Losgelöst. Unsichbarkeit 12 mal abgetastet"​ (2009) and „Schatten voraus"​ (2008), both at InteriorDAsein.net,​ Berlin; „Dez'​avju",​ Open University, Yerevan (2007) and „Nikolaj Nikogossian",​ Malij Manej, Moscow
 +[[http://​interiordasein.net|Related source]]
 +{{ :​absolutbordersglobus.jpg?​200}}
 +Globe of Armenia (Hajk) is the title of an object that refers back to the basics: to a square, an arc, or a cube. Hajk is a generalized term to name Armenia as cutural community, not certain geographical territory. ​
 +Wooden cube is glued over with paper on which one can see Armenia state borders in hypotetical historical perspective. ​
 +Cube is fixed on bearings and rotates freely while letting us observe all its six sides: various scenarios of the development of Armenia'​s territorial identity are presented this way.  ​
 +However, the certain history that is represented to us on the cube might be seen a metaphor: national history never happens the way of gradual transformations but policy turnaround; a chain of events one has to react.
 +Thus, watercolor technics ain't chosen accidently. ​
 +Before the inventions of printing machines, architects used to set color planes the way the would drift lots of layers with paint diluted with water. A slang expression to talk it was tear painting. ​
 +The subject of Hajk lies somewhere between rebundancy - as we are given plenty of prognostications made from a point of an engaged thinker who obviously stands for the country'​s virtual prosperity - and deficiency in positive opportunities of real politics of nowadays. ​
 +This is why the Hajk's patterns of political development are being pictured a pessimistic ones: whatever happens to Armenia means territory losses as the only strategical tool to save the autonomy. The Pan-Turksih,​ American and others gameplans of those who reckon on miappropriations. ​
 +The point being made is Galentz protest against Armenian lands speculations and territorial pretensions from allover with Hajk representing a certain antiutopia and huge dramaticism. ​      
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