born in Dagestan, 1978

graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (2000), worked on development and production of a Taikon construction set series (2001); founded Brainmade, a creative agency. He participated to various artistic projects amongst which there are Fashion control (Radek Community, Guelman gallery, Moscow, 2003); Theater of Homeless Youth (Elena Kovylina, Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, 2003); Inhabitants (Petr Bystrov, ArtKljazma festival, 2003); To make the hands strong you have to tear the paper with your fingers, any athlete will tell you this . In 2008, he co-founded darudar, a giftmakers community

Lives and works in Moscow.




Booth of silence project main purpose is erecting sound proof cabins in the centers of biggest cities all over the world in order to start up a newest infrastructure service: protecting people from extra noises caused by urban acoustics, those we all do suffer from at times.

Back in summer, we took the following route: Geneva-Rome-Naples-Paris-Barcelona-Moscow in order to seek and explore biggest european cities' most noisy locations, sound meter them and imagine possible architectural solutions in order to booth of silence potential locations.

Anvar is right now collaborating both acoustic companies and design offices for having consulted and invented most appropriate outlook for the original cabin as well as its construction decision.

Here is some short course on the project

12th of December will see the first B.o S. presentation - not a real object but yet an idea of what supposes to be a massive public service as the project develops.

However, the basic intention is starting a booth of silence company as one real functional thing - not only art piece to see; rather social infrastructure to spread.

Should the experimental object - equiped, functioning and transportable - be one day perfectly produced, we are looking forward to a space (somewhat 4 to 4 metres) preferably somewhere in the city center where booth of silence can fit in and have a period of work registered - meaning people come making use of it and us monitoring and documenting all.

It is not yet defined whether the whole initiative would later result in becoming a mass (or kind of business) project; for now this is an art project of a certain sort.

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